Newsletter 64th Edition Nov 2013




Recent Events


Wednesday 14th August - Computer talk

Al West gave a talk on computers which was very interesting.

When I arrived home I defragmented my computer and got rid of a couple of things on the start menu.

The hand-outs Al provided were excellent; very easy to understand.

Well done Al and thank you.

Wednesday 9th October

A very successful Annual General Meeting took place with a great turnout of about 75 members.

Patrick was in full flow telling his jokes; which got the evening off to a good start.

Patrick thanked committee members, instructors, tea team & all the members who put out the exercise equipment and then put it all away again.

Bob informed the group that the new defibrillators & exercise equipment which have been purchased for the group will be at the classes soon.

Bob Crompton proposed the committee be re-elected; the motion was passed.

After which everyone went on to enjoy the Cheese & Wine. The presentation was fantastic. Thank you all who helped on the evening.

The bar staff were very good, thanks Carol & Bob.

* * *

Forthcoming events

Wednesday  11th December @ 7.30pm Carol singing

We will be enjoying a festive evening with Sherry & Mince Pies. There will be carol singing which will be led by Dean Holloway with Brian Henderson on the keyboard.

We have been asked to sing more carols; you must be good.

Raffle tickets will be available soon.

There will be some fantastic raffle prizes; 1st prize being a TV/DVD combi, 2nd prize will be £50 Tesco voucher.

All donations of bottles, chocolates and biscuits etc, will be gratefully received.

Please hand donations to a committee member.

The evening should get us all in the mood for Christmas.

February meal 2014

I know this is very early to be even thinking about the meal for 2014, but I feel you should be informed that we have changed the week of the meal from the second Thursday to the third Thursday in the month the date will now be 27th February 2014, at the Kings Norton Golf Club.

We have changed the date so it does interfere with anyone's romantic Valentine's night out.

Live music night

Friday 24th January 2014 at 7.30 pm

Linda & Jane will be putting on a live music Rat Pack style evening, with songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr.

It will be held at Mettis Aerospace, Cherry Tree Walk, Batchley Redditch B97 6PB.  There will be a bar & finger buffet.

Tickets can be obtained from Linda or Jane at the price of £6.00.

Phone the team  on 01527 503882.

* * *

Exercise class information

Exercise class members have opted to pick their newsletters up from the exercise classes;  this option will save on the amount of H&H money spent on stamps. The newsletters will be at the classes for a few weeks so make sure you pick up your copy. Newsletters are available at the beginning of November, March and July.

If you have anything of interest to share with the group you please contact a committee member who will place it before the committee for consideration for inclusion.

The Redditch Friday afternoon class has been missing quite a few members recently, we hope you are ok and will be coming back soon.

Member information

Barbara Melley

The group wishes Barbara a speedy recovery from her recent hospital procedure.


Fund Raising events

The Great North Run

On the 15th September, Patrick Moran (our chairman) and his son, Alex, ran the Great North Run; the biggest half marathon in the world.

It was Patrick's third run and Alex's first.

In wet and windy conditions, Patrick ran a personal best time of 2 hours 7 minutes and Alex ran a time of 1 hour 29 minutes.

Patrick ran for the British Heart Foundation and hopes to raise up to £3000 for the charity. Alex ran for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

This year's result means only one thing - another crack at it next year is a must... so please start saving up now!

Well done to you both.

Patrick thanks you all for your support & sponsorships.

Sponsored walk

Jean, Val, Michelle and Chris, Ladies who attend the Friday Bromsgrove exercise class, have done a sponsored walk to raise money for Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Alexandra and Princess of Wales hospitals. They have raised £640. They thank you all for your support.

The rehab team would like to say a huge thank you. The money will be put to good used for the benefit of the patients.


Noteworthy Articles

Please ensure you speak to your health professional (GP, Nurse or Consultant) before undertaking any complimentary therapies as they may cause a conflict with your prescription drugs. (ed)

The Health Benefits of Artichoke Leaves

In a study of 75 otherwise healthy people with high cholesterol, artichoke leaf extracts significantly reduced total cholesterol compared to a placebo. It appears the ability of artichoke leaf to lower cholesterol is tied to its ability to improve the flow of bile, which carries the excess cholesterol out as it passes through the intestinal tract.

Another study published in the August 2004 edition of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary

Medicine shows that artichoke leaf extract may also help with improving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition to being an edible plant, artichoke is mildly bitter.Bitter herbs are thought to stimulate digestive function by increasing saliva production and promoting both stomach acid and digestive enzyme production. Extracts of artichoke have been repeatedly shown in double-blind research to be beneficial for people with Indigestion.  For medicinal purposes, artichoke leaf can be found in a tincture form and commonly used when doing a liver detox.

Using any complementary potions for detox can have an adverse effect on your health (ed).

2013 trials found that artichoke leaf extract had a modest positive effect on cholesterol levels. However, the results are not compelling enough to recommend artichoke leaf extract as a treatment option for high cholesterol levels. (ed)


Other recent medical / British Heart Foundation articles

British heart foundation articles

Cardiac rehabilitation

Thousands of people have a heart attack or bypass surgery every year.  But how many take up the offer of life-saving cardiac rehabilitation that they need to help their recovery?

According to the latest figures from the 2012 National Audit for cardiac rehabilitation just 44% of heart patients in England took part.  In Wales, 37% took part and in Northern Ireland the figure was 41%.  The Scottish government funds its own audit and they are waiting to see those results.

The findings were a slight improvement on last year's figures but there's still more to be done.  They want to see an improvement in the quality of cardiac rehabilitation programmes and an increase in the uptake of rehabilitation, especially among patients with heart failure.

The National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation 2012 contains this year's top facts and statistics on cardiac rehabilitation.

British Heart Foundation information

The British Heart Foundation produce heart health information in a range of formats, with videos to watch, games to order and booklets to download.

You can find these resources on their publications site at

You can now browse their entire range, which is broken down into categories for ease of access.