Events 2015

Heads up on meeting dates:

Our bi-monthly meetings will be held on February 26th; April 8th; June 10th; August 12th; October 14th and December 9th. Details of each meeting will be published in this events diary as soon as they are available.

All events are held at Community House, Easemore road, Redditch (b98 8ye) at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated. 


Hale and Hearties Website  - Slips will be distributed at the exercise classes this month showing the website name and details of its contents. The website is the place to look for the latest information on what is happening within the support group.

BHF Red Day - Friday the 6th.  Members of the Friday morning sessions gathered in their red attire to raise money for the BHF red day, just where does Ian Ballinger get those outfits from? The magnificent sum of £110 was raised for the BHF. Well done to all who participated. Click here for Photos of those who participated.

The Big collection - A Big “thank you” to all who took part in last weeks collection, without you none of this would have been possible.   In Redditch we collected £ 1198-63 over the two days and teams working at Tesco in Worcester, St Peters, and Warndon collected £1570-67.  Thus the Worcestershire BHF fundraising Group collected a total of £2769-30

Well done  all, and again , thanks for you help :  T.J.Hawkesworth

Annual Meal - Our annual meal takes place on the 26th at Kings Norton golf club. Completed menus and the relevant monies must be handed to a committee member by the 13th February.  Please arrive at the venue at 7:00 for a 7:30 start . To see a menu please click here.   cost is £12:00 PP for members and partners and £15.95 PP for guests.

 Our annual dinner was brilliant this year even surpassing last year which took some doing. The most people in the history of the dinner event attended, 126. The meal was excellently prepared and served, barring a small mishap when the contents of one of the starters was upended over a guest. Patrick gave an update on the H&H club and toasted absent friends. He was well on form again with his jokes which went down a storm. Our singer, John Lismore, was in excellent voice, his renditions of the 'Rat Pack' songs made many of us long for the days when the words and the tune of a song were paramount to the enjoyment of the audience. He travelled amongst the tables serenading the ladies, who, judging by the photographs, were suitably impressed. To see a few photos from the evening please Click here. The evening finished with the song 'New York, New York' and many a back will have been put out by the attempted high kicks... see the photos for incriminating evidence. 


Congratulations to Nigel Blake, one of our younger more energetic members who ran the Warwick half marathon on Saturday 21st. He acheived a excellent time of 2 hours. click here to see photos.


 Wednesday 8th  :  Group Meeting - Linda Barratt - Linda is very popular with our members and her talks are always interesting and enjoyable.

The meeting was well attended and kicked off with the now traditional comedy act from Patrick. As ever Linda was informative and entertaining with her presentation. Linda believes that there is very little new as regards cardiac drugs and therapy and so told us about the link between the body and the brain in combating illness. We did a few exercises enabling us to anchor positive images and thoughts and thus, on recall, maybe push the negative thoughts, which we get at times, back a little. The exercises brought forward a lively discussion as to how they or their relatives might use them to bring a more positive thinking pattern into their lives. The meeting then opened up to questions and head of the list was 'The Alex and its future'. Whilst Linda was able to discuss the issues and gave us a insight into staff thoughts she was not in a position to know what the eventual outcome would be. It is understood that neither Worcs or the QE would be able to handle the extra patients should the Alex's services be curtailed in any meaningful way.

Patrick, the chairman, was given a gift by the club for all the hard work he puts into the club.

Linda, our presenter, was also given a thank you gift from the club.   Click here for photos  

 Friday 17th : Golf event at Gaude Luce in the afternoon. Cost approx: £17,  to include a bacon roll and coffee. New attendees always welcome, Please phone Jane on 01527 50382  to book places.

The first golf day of 2015 was another great success. The weather was kind to us and we had a record 19 players and 2 caddies. The winners , with an amazing score , were Val Beesley , Pat Bailey , Ian Ballinger and Lord Judd. Nearest the pin went to Kenn Blears , Ros Weston won the longest drive for the ladies and Ian Ballinger won the mens longest drive.

Our next game is in July so phone Jane on 503882 if you would like to join in. Click here for photos


 Wednesday 10th  : Mr Dandekar from Walsgrave hospital will be talking about heart surgery through the ages and giving a few interesting case studies.

A brilliant talk by Mr Dandekar. His talk on  adult heart surgery through the ages gave an insight into how it all started, from emergency surgey for a stab wound to the heart in 1893 through to new procedures; cross circulation (parent and child); improvement in anaesthetics; cardiopulmonary bypass (success in 1953);  Angiography (1956); Balloon Angioplasty; Prosthetic heart valves (1960); Mitral valve surgery (changing from replacement to repair); Stents (1960); CABG; Heart transplant; right through to a 'what if a drug is developed that eliminates atherosclerosis?' discussion. We then had some interesting questions, some from members who had been operated on by Mr Dandekar. For a photo of Mr Dandekar and the Chairman please click here.

A link has been put onto our links page for the 'Arrhythmia Watch' which majors on Arrhythmia but also contains many interesting articles on heart issues.


 Wednesday 1st  - The evening training class at Redditch was cancelled due to the extreme heat. It was due to be 28c in the area and it was felt that mixing training, extreme heat and cardiac issues was not a good idea.

 Tuesday 7th  : Golf event at Little Lakes , cost : £15,  No idea about refreshments at the moment.  New attendees always welcome, Please phone Jane on 01527 50382  to book places.

Not sure if it was due to holiday period but a small turn out of 8 hardy souls took part and enjoyed a healthy bacon roll to start followed by the golf . The weather was kind with one major downpour near the end of the round but otherwise fine and sunny. The winning team but only by a small margin (after some claims of misdemeanours by the opposition and a subsequent points deduction) was Jane MacBryde, Peter judd, Ian ballinger and Nigel Stockwell.

Nearest the pin prize went to Nigel Blake. 

Our next golf day August 26th at droitwich.

Saturday 11th : Nigel Blake and Vicki Wells (class instructor on Wednesday) both took part and completed the timberhonger 10k run on July 11. Click here for photos

Nigel complete the run in 52 mins 5 secs and vicki followed shortly behind in 52 mins 38 secs. Vicki has vowed to whoop Nigel next year 

 Sunday 19th  : Linda, Jane, Ian, Peter and John are doing a 19 mile bike ride around Solihull,  Dorridge and Packwood house area for the BHF. It took them around 2 hours 25 mins..

All survived the ride and are believed to have earned £1520 for the BHF Well done to all. (I get tired driving that far). click here for Photo


 Wednesday 12th  : The quiz, as last year was such good fun we are repeating the event. The event also gives members the opportunity to chat. 

 Wednesday 26th  : The Droitwich golf day saw 13 players enjoy the beautiful course in lovely weather. The winning team of Ian , Andy and John had a great score. Nigel B won nearest the pin and the longest male drive . The longest Lady drive went to Val . We stayed for a meal at the club and all thoroughly enjoyed the day . Thank you to Ros and Ian for donating the prizes. Click here for photos.

Next Golf day is Friday 9th october see October for details.


Friday 4th : No Classes due to scout hut building work


Friday 9th : Golf day at Bromsgrove from midday onwards  . Cost £18 50 for bacon roll and coffee and golf . Meal in the evening at additional cost . New players welcome , contact Jane on  01527 503882.

Friday 9th October saw the final golf society event of 2015 when 12 participants took on  bromsgrove golf course. The weather was again good. 2 new members joined us - both called Colin. After healthy bacon butties to start, we set off with the usual mixture of good wit and repartee along with good and very good, bad and very bad golf. After the golf we tucked into an excellent if somewhat unhealthy meal.

Nearest the pin competitions were won by Colin D, Nigel Stockwell and Nigel B. The winning team consisted of Colin S, Nigel S, Dave and finally after 2 years of trying Jane (she really must try harder)

Will let you know dates for 2016 but looking at April June August and October 

Wednesday 14th : The AGM and the popular Cheese & Wine evening.

The evening was very well attended with over over 70 members present.

The chairman opened the meeting and to get the evening going with a swing aimed a few jokes at various members of the audience.

On a more sombre note he marked the loss of two members from the Friday afternoon classes with a minutes silence.

Attendances at all of the classes are good and we are welcoming new members on a regular basis.

Some of the equipment bought for the club is not standing the test of time very well and replacement bikes for the Friday morning classes are being procured. The chairman praised the efforts of a few members in trying to keep the equipment in a safe and well maintained state.  

Much work goes on in the background to keep everything working smoothly and the chairman thanked members of the committee for their stirling work over the past year. Thanks also went to Al for managing and updating the website. In particular this year, Gary and Noreen were thanked for their efforts regarding the Wednesday evening class and the provision, along with Pat and others, for the food at many of the functions.

Bob explained the finances of the club and the monies raised throughout the year. The club is on a very sound financial footing with an increase of income over expenditure for the past year. Bob provided written documentation giving details of the financial status in both English and in a more formal balance sheet. The chairman thanked Bob for his efforts over the past year.

The committee were voted en-bloc to stand for another year, the one exception being Linda. Linda has decided to stand down after serving for 13 loyal years as a committee member. Extra special thanks go to Linda who was not only a member of the committee, but also did many presentations to the group over the years. Linda, the Cardiac nurse in charge, is one of our main contacts with the Alexandra hospital.

All of the class instructors were thanked, as without their efforts none of the classes would be possible.

As usual the cheese and wine provided were excellent and enjoyed by all.



Friday 4th : Annual Bromsgrove wlking club Christmas meal at the Bromsgrove Golf Club. Menus now available.

An excellent evening with good food and excellent company.

Wednesday 9th  : The Sherry and mince pie evening will be taking place with carol singing and the grand Christmas raffle.

We had the biggest turnout of members for this event that anyone can remember.

Partick got the evening off to a fine start with his now legandary role as a standup comedian. Patrick thanked members of the committee and helpers for their stirling work over the year.

Patrick and Peter went over the pond to run in the Las Vegas half marathon and 10k event respectively. The events are run at night becasue of the high tempretures normally seen at this location. This time however it was very cold, windy and raining... this to such an extent that runners were on the verge of hypothermia. Both our runners came through their events but found the going tough, no times have been posted as the conditions made the events a matter of survival rather than trying to better any previous times. Well done to both and although final figures are not in yet, around £750 will have been raised. This includes $70 given by a young lady and her parents who Patick and Peter met on the plane over.

The Carol singing was led by Denise, Patrick and Patrick's son Chris with Brian, as ever, perfoming brilliantly on the organ.

We then got to the serious business of Sherry, mince pies and chocolate cake. 

The generous nature of our members and supporters  was again evident in the amount of prizes given for the raffle. There were 58 prizes and many of them were made up of more than one item. The 1st prize (an Apple mini iPad) was won by a ticket sold by Pat Wattison.

Members are looking forward to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we wish the same to all our readers.

Friday morning final training session of 2015

Click here for photos