58th Edition

November 2011













Wednesday 12th October 2011

The Annual General Meeting took place with 61 members present.

Brian Wattison our Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their support. After presenting his report he invited members to ask questions as there were none, he invited the Treasurer to present his report and accounts. As the meal in February will again be held at Kings Norton Golf Club, it is anticipated that there will be a slight increase in price, one member suggested that the members would willingly accept an increase in their contribution however, it has already  been agreed that the members cost will remain as last year.

The August meeting was cancelled for various reasons one being poor numbers in previous years this will probably be the norm for the near future.


The committee were re-elected en-bloc for another year and Brian proposed that Dr Eddie Melley continue as President.  All agreed.

The "Cheese and Wine" went on to make a very pleasant evening.


Exercise Classes

Most of the exercise classes are doing well but unfortunately the Friday afternoon numbers have fallen away dramatically and are now costing the group money to keep the classes open. Please come back we need you".

                   * * *

Wednesday 14th December @ 7.30pm

The group will be enjoying a 'Sherry and Mince Pie' night.  Members will also be enjoying getting into a festive mood with 'Carol Singing' accompanied by Brian Henderson on the keyboard.  There are some fantastic prizes for the Grand Xmas Draw, TV/DVD, vouchers, bottles of wine etc and many more.  Items for a Xmas hamper will not be needed but bottles, chocolates etc will be very gratefully received.

Thursday 9th February @ 7.30pm

The annual meal will be held at The Kings Norton Golf Club.  The venue has been booked.  When you receive a menu fill it in and hand it back with your money and have a fabulous evening.  Hale and Hearties will be subsidising the meal again, instead of £15/£16, members will be paying £10.00.   Sounds good to me!!!!

There will also be a raffle; all proceeds will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.

A free raffle will also be drawn. (Good luck)


Best wishes go to Pat Wattison as she is the latest to be in plaster.  She has broken her hand and just like Linda we don't yet know how she did it. Oops!!!

Cardiology Department

Julie Caulfield, Senior Chief Cardiac Physiologist has informed us that the £1000 donation we recently made to her department at the Alex has enabled them to purchase a new resuscitation trolley.  The new trolley will be double the size of the old one and will enable them to place all the equipment in one place making it easier to locate and manoeuvre about should it be required in an emergency.


              * * *

End of Life in Heart Failure.  (Awareness Day)  Thursday 22nd September.

A talk was held at The Abby Hotel in Malvern, for Cardiologists, G.Ps, and specialist Nurses etc.  

The Chairman Brian Wattison was invited to promote Hale & Hearties to the N.H.S. by displaying information.

Denise accompanied Brian to help put up the display, which was quite good.  (What an early start we had!!)

People asked questions and took some of the information but unfortunately they didn't have much time as they could only visit the displays at break times. 

One of the Doctors who was on the panel and Dr Abban had a chat to Brian and Denise about Hale & Hearties Support Group.

Rest assured the group is definitely on the map.


Thank you Janet for sending me this photo and also, well done for walking in the bad weather.

Janet informed me that the group has been walking Mondays since 16th June 2008 and this is the first time it has rained. 'Wow that's lucky'.

The walking group would like to thank Dave for being a great leader.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations to Mo & Roger Lomas, (Bromsgrove Exercise class) who are celebrating their 50 years together as Man & Wife. Best Wishes to you both from all at Hale & Hearties.

MIA Clear 2Go insurance

designed specifically for people with

pre-existing illnesses.

The MIA Clear2Go Policy is designed especially for people with pre-existing illnesses.  Under the terms of this policy, you must seek treatment under available reciprocal health agreements.  In Europe this can be obtained using your EHIC card.

Web site

Phone 01268 782745

How to obtain an EHIC Card.


By Phone- 0845 605 0707

This requirement is reflected in their ability to provide cover where others will not and of course, the premiums that they charge. Strict adherence to this is how prices are kept down.

A major landmark

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is one of the most common forms of genetic heart disease, affecting one in 500 people in the UK.  Existing treatments only work on the symptoms of a minority of patients, leaving the majority with no effective treatment for their symptoms.  But now, thanks to a landmark research study funded by the BHF, it has been established that a relatively cheap and widely available drug called perhexiline leads to huge improvement in symptoms.  The results need to be double-checked in a bigger trial, but signs are good.

Hale & Hearties Xmas cards

 Hale & Hearties Xmas cards will be on sale again this year at the subsidised price of £2.00 for 10.

Ernie Thompson

After a long illness Ernie has sadly passed away.  Ernie has been a member of Hale & Hearties for 11 years.  Our thoughts go to June Spillane a very close and special friend of Ernie's and a committee member.