Newsletter       62nd Edition          March 2013 


 Past Events

Wednesday 12th December

 The Sherry & Mince Pie evening was very successful, there were over 80 members present, which was great.

The singing was quite good, have you all been having singing lessons?  Thanks to Dean for leading the singing and helping give out the prizes.

Thanks to Brian Henderson for accompanying the carol singing on the keyboard.

The sherry and mince pies also went down quite well.  Thank you Noreen and Pat for the display of the scrumptious mince pies and cakes.

Thanks Nick for selling the raffle tickets.

A great big thank you must go to our members for the fantastic raffle donations, the generosity was overwhelming.

A member of the Air Ambulance team was present, who received a cheque for £700 from Pat, which comprised donations given in memory of Pat's husband, Brian Wattison.




        * * * 

60's Night Disco 29th November

 The group "The Cufflinks" were great. Everyone enjoyed the music and danced the night away.

Jane & Linda thank everyone for all the support and for turning up at the disco.  £600 was raised, which will go towards a bike for the hospital.

Do you recognise the two ladies in the picture?

* * *

Thursday 14th February @ 7.30pm

Brian Wattison Memorial Dinner 

The evening was very successful, with over 100 people attending.  When entering the room all the ladies were presented with a beautiful red rose for Valentine's Day. 

After welcoming Pat, Patrick asked everyone to raise their glasses in memory of Brian.

The speech Patrick gave was brilliant and very humorous.

I believe we all enjoyed the meal, also the very friendly atmosphere.

Denise & Pat would like to say a big thank you for the lovely flowers, which were presented to them by Peter Shackleton.






Future Events

 Wednesday 10th April @ 7.30pm

 "Healthy Eating" will be Sally Bee's topic this evening.  There will be healthy and non- healthy food, which you will be able to taste.  Will you be able to tell the difference?

It should be a very interesting night!!!

 Wednesday 12th June

 A solicitor will be talking to the group about the issues of wills, trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Perhaps he can explain to us about the pensioner's rights and costs of care homes.

 Wednesday 14th August @ 7.30pm

 Al West, a Hale & Hearties member, has volunteered to talk to the group about computers.  If anyone is trying to learn the basics on the computer, or have any questions you would like to ask Al, please come along. 

Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available.

 * * *

Kath Barber

 Sadly on Thursday 14th February, Kath our special Tea Lady passed away.  She had bravely fought an illness for two years.Kath had been a very active member of the group for 14 years and will be truly missed. 

Our thoughts are with her husband Peter, family and friends.             

                       * * *


At the exercise classes, members were asked to fill in a questionnaire, concerning how they felt about the classes.

Thank you for filling them in, it was very much appreciated.  It does give us an insight to how people feel about the classes.  I'm pleased to say we seem to be getting it mainly right.

 Diet drinks and Depression

 Have a Coke and a smile" was a near omnipresent slogan back in the early 1980s. But when it's diet soda that's being regularly consumed, a frown might be a more likely outcome than a smile. That's because a recent study has found a link between drinking diet soda or diet fruit drinks and an increased risk of developing depression.
Depression can be a very serious condition, leading to various types of substance abuse, relationship problems, employment issues, and even suicide. It may be especially problematic in ageing populations such as the subjects who were involved in the recent National Institutes of Health study, because depression can easily lead to isolation, health disorders, and cognitive decline.

                       * * *

British Heart Foundation News

 As part of BHF Heartwatch, which is all about championing the needs of heart patients in a time of upheaval in the NHS and public health, the BHF wants to find more about the current provision of services that make up the package of care heart patients should receive. Cardiac rehabilitation is included in the suite of questions they are currently asking heart patients.

 The results will form a key part of the team's work next year and how they can take forward influencing services key to heart patients.

 Do you smoke shisha?

 Did you know that if you smoke shisha for one hour, you are exposed to smoke the equivalent of 100 cigarettes? 

Don't be duped by the sweet smell and wholesome smelling flavours, shisha is not safer than smoking cigarettes.

 Active Heart, Healthy Heart

 The BHF, DVD, "Active heart" provides exercise programmes suitable for patients engaged in a cardiac rehabilitation programme. Fully seated, and assisted standing along with five levels for fully standing are included in the programme. These can help provide the physical activity element of a home based cardiac rehabilitation programme.

If you would like to order the DVD, you can, via Linda or Jane. Phone 01527503882

 Group meetings

 If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like the talk to be about at one of our meetings, please let us know.  Phone 0121 460 1049.

* * *